"Sorry but you don’t get to decide what I perceive to be racist or not, and Dag is a white supremacist" - reddisred


I want to talk about this but she doesn’t want to engage in the conversation and I would rather not engage her if she doesn’t want to do it. I won’t tag redd even though I will cite her, because they are her words but I’m not going to force a conversation on her if she doesn’t want to talk abou tit.  Still this is something I really need to talk about.


It is true that others don’t get to decide on what you feel.  but it is dishonest to say that others don’t get to decide what is racist.  


as a social scientist it really bothers me when other social scientists on this website resort to this argument because racism becomes individualized only.  But these are socially held meanings and events that are negotiated within the group.  

As a person that is always trying to understand her place in a racialized society and the ways I can challenge it, I’ve found that this tactic isn’t saying much.


really all it says is that whatever I say is true, no matter if I do not articulate my case or if others refute my claims.  If you decide something is racist fine, but at least try and back it up.  If this is an exchange of ideas, you have to exchange ideas.  Otherwise what makes us different from pundits that throw out buzz words to incite an emotionally manipulative response?  


if we claim that being a white supremacist is admitting to being white what are we really saying?  admitting to being placed in the social position awarded to white people, is not the same as working to protect the social position and social structure.


I can say a bunch of things but if i can’t back it up, what about it makes it my argument viable?  


and like i get that not everyone uses tumblr for intellectual stimuli or development, but if you, any of you, are going to reblog a post that is created for intellectual stimuli and development but would rather respond without criticism of the content and then claim authenticity in your characterization of the blogger….back it up.  if you don’t why reblog it?  if its supposed to illuminate that bloggers logical flaws that signal their ideological failures you need to actually point it out.  


and don’t tell me your identity makes it true.  My identity is also that of an oppressed person and i disagree so it can not be identity that lends authority.  and to ignore me and my points doesn’t lend credence to your cause if you are talking about how people ignore you because of your social position.  it’s fake and rude.



but maybe I place too much importance in the process of critical thinking and the merits of discourse and discussion.  maybe i’m too abstract.  it may be my failings in approaching the matter in a way that is not engaging for others.  but tumblr, could you stop telling me that what i have to say is important because of who i am when you aren’t actually interested in what i have to say no matter what?  just do that for me.

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